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Land Survey

A quality land survey is absolutely critical to any real estate development. It’s a service and profession that literally dates back thousands of years, but thanks to modern technology has become extremely precise over the last few decades.

Thanks to modern innovations such as Global Positioning System (GPS) technologies, property boundaries can be calculated with a fine level of detail. But make no mistake; even with the latest and greatest tools, land surveying is still a service that requires skill, knowledge, passion and a commitment to see each project become successful. Racken Survey Consultants embodies each of those characteristics.

The types of land surveys we can perform include:

Aerial Control Survey

ALTA Survey

As-Built Survey

Boundary Survey

Deformation Survey

Engineering Survey

Foundation Survey

Measured Survey

Soil Survey

Surface Mining

Topographic Survey

Underground Mining

Whatever your land survey needs are, Racken Survey Consultants has the experience necessary to get the job done, get the job done right, and get the job done right the first time.

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